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A little of history

Academic life is one of the defining aspects of my life. While I was in elementary school, I had access to my siblings' high-school textbooks at home. I didn't actually read them, but I enjoyed just flipping the pages or opening them in at random. Especially the books related to natural sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography... Little by little, I acquired a lot of knowledge. So, when I was in junior-high (grades 7th-10th) I had a solid knowledge of high-school level sciences.

Other very influential factor was my love of Cosmos, the television series and book by Carl Sagan. His presentation of the Universe mesmerized me. I haven't read the book, just flipped the pages countless times, but I have seen each episode of the television series many times.

Sometime during my undergraduate years, I realized that I enjoy teaching. Some of my classmates would often seek my help in understanding some lecture. I spent many hours in front of a board, with a chalk in hand, showing how to derive Navier-Stokes equations in cylindrical coordinates, say. I find teaching a (relatively) relaxing lifestyle, and I feel I can contribute to the life-long learning process of others.

Some people are puzzled by my choice of job. I'm currently making arrangements to join the ChE faculty at my alma mater, Instituto Tecnológico de Durango (ITD). Sure there are other better-paid jobs, or places where I would have greater potential for research. But home is where the heart is. This is the place where I belong.

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Current research

My main area of research is simulation of fluidized beds using the Computational Fluid Dynamics-Discrete Particle Method (CFD-DPM) approach.

One of my most interesting ongoing projects is a program called Bolitas. It is a software for visualizing the results of fluidization simulations (mine included).