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Graduate research work at OSU

Publications (peer-reviewed)

Arriola, Cruz-Fierro, Alkhaldi, Reed, and Jovanovic (2004). “Residence Time Distributions in Staged Spouted Beds[Protected]. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 82(1) p. 94-101.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Cruz-Fierro, Reed, and Jovanovic (2005). “Drag Reduction due to Particle Chaining in Liquid-Solid Magnetofluidized Bed”. Chemical Engineering International Symposium 2005, poster SC&P04, proceedings p. 116-119. Oct 24-28, 2005.

Pinto-Espinoza and Cruz-Fierro (2003). “Modelo matemático teórico para representar las fuerzas magnéticas entre dos partículas esféricas paramagnéticas en un lecho fluidizado asistido magnéticamente[Protected]. Memorias del XXIV Encuentro Nacional de la AMIDIQ 2003, paper FEN02, p. 388-393.