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Bolitas provides visualization of CFD-DPM simulation data of 2D and 3D fluidized beds.

Bolitas is free for personal and academic use.

Bolitas 1

The first version of Bolitas was originally developed in 2001 as a favor for a friend who was working in this research area. It is limited to 2-D simulations and the flexibility of the file format is very limited. Users are encouraged to discontinue using Bolitas 1 in favor of Bolitas 2.

Bolitas 2

The second version of Bolitas was developed mainly for my PhD thesis project, for 3-D simulation data. Bolitas 2 uses an extensible file format in which each variable of interest is saved to a different file. So, Bolitas 2 does not need to know in advance how many variables (or what kind) are saved. This allows for easy extension of the data saved by the simulation code, without having to modify Bolitas to handle the additional data (this has proven to be an incredible time saver).

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