My life

In this page, I'll be sharing with you some of the experiences of my life and my personal interests.

My life in brief

Well, if we really are going to start from the beginning, I should tell you that 15 billion years ago, all universe (yourself and myself included) were confined into a single point. Somehow, that singularity (as astrophysicists call it) exploded and expanded rapidly. The universe had come to existence... Well, if it's all right with you, let's jump ahead, since I think you can find out the details of the development of the universe somewhere else. Instead, I want to tell you about myself.

I was born in Mexico City, in a typical Wednesday night of the year 1976. I am the fifth of five siblings, and I have three brothers and a sister. I spent the first seven years of my life living in Naucalpan, a county of the State of Mexico, bordering the Federal District of Mexico City. My earliest memory, perhaps when I was three years old, is of crawling to the living room table (we still have that table). I don't know why I was crawling over there, I guess there was a toy on the table...

My sister, second youngest to me, is eight years older than I. Because of the age difference, I didn't spend much time playing with my siblings; instead I grew up almost as a single child. I had a few friends among the children living in the neighborhood, but I eventually lost track of all of them.

During summer of 1983, my Mom, my sister, and I moved to Durango (my current place of residence). My sister was in junior highschool and I had just finished first grade. My Dad and two of my brothers remained in Mexico City. My eldest brother was married and living with his own family (actually, he married when I was one year old, after finishing medical school!). The company where my Dad was working seemed to be about to close and he suggested moving to Durango. Six months or so later, if the company closed, he was to join us in Durango. Well, the company did close, but he was able to quickly find a similar position in another company. Since we have already installed ourselves in the house in Durango, it was agreed that we should remain as we were.

...I will continue with the story soon!


In the meantime, I can tell you a little about my interests.

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