Trip to Chicago
Aug 29, 2001

During my first summer in Oregon, I took a vacation to visit my sister in Chicago. Back then, she was working at the Mexican Consulate in that city. She recommended me to visit by the end of summer, when the weather was not too hot. This was my first trip within the United States.

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My sister and my brother-in-law got tickets for the Chicago Cubs game against Florida. It was my first time attending a live professional baseball game.

20010829as.jpg 20010829at.jpg 20010829au.jpg 20010829av.jpg 20010829aw.jpg 20010829ax.jpg 20010829ay.jpg 20010829az.jpg 20010829ba.jpg 20010829bb.jpg 20010829bc.jpg 20010829bd.jpg 20010829be.jpg 20010829bf.jpg 20010829bg.jpg 20010829bh.jpg

Here are more pictures of the trip.

20010830aa.jpg 20010830ab.jpg 20010830ac.jpg 20010830ad.jpg 20010830ae.jpg 20010830af.jpg 20010830ag.jpg 20010830ah.jpg 20010830ai.jpg 20010830ak.jpg 20010830av.jpg 20010830aw.jpg 20010830ax.jpg 20010830ay.jpg 20010830az.jpg 20010830ba.jpg 20010830bb.jpg 20010830bo.jpg 20010830bp.jpg 20010830bq.jpg 20010831a.jpg 20010831b.jpg 20010831c.jpg 20010831d.jpg 20010831e.jpg 20010831f.jpg 20010831g.jpg 20010831h.jpg 20010831i.jpg 20010831k.jpg 20010831l.jpg 20010831m.jpg 20010831n.jpg 20010831o.jpg 20010831p.jpg 20010831q.jpg 20010831s.jpg 20010831t.jpg 20010902e.jpg

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