Grads BBQ 2003
May 3, 2003

This year we decided to organize a Spring Barbecue only for ChE Grads. It took place in Avery Park, with plenty of food, games, and fun!

dscn3812.jpg dscn3816.jpg dscn3819.jpg dscn3821.jpg dscn3822.jpg dscn3828.jpg dscn3829.jpg dscn3830.jpg dscn3831.jpg dscn3833.jpg dscn3835.jpg dscn3843.jpg

After eating, we played volley-ball and a bit of cricket. We had borrowed the volley-ball net from Dixon Rec Center.

dscn3845.jpg dscn3846.jpg dscn3849.jpg dscn3851.jpg dscn3855.jpg dscn3856.jpg

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