AIChE Annual Meeting 2003
San Francisco, Nov 2003

My first time attending a full-size conference. This year, AIChE Meeting was going to be in San Francisco. Being close to Oregon, travel expenses were not a big issue, and Goran could afford to send three of his students: Brian, Thana, and myself. It was a great experience, both because of the sightseeing and the opportunity to give a presentation to people from all over the United States, and also from other countries.

The way to San Francisco

Thana and Brian took turns driving a car we rented. I didn't have my driver's license yet, so I had to suffer 8 hours of landscape-enjoyment and picture-taking. We decided to drive down I-5 and come back on Hwy 101. Near the border between Oregon and California, the I-5 goes over the mountains in Siskiyou Pass. The weather changes dramatically when reaching the pass; we experienced fog, a bit of rain, and cold weather (see second picture). But it lasted only a few miles... soon enough, it was sunny again: Welcome to California. After that, we enjoyed exceptional views of Mount Shasta and Lake Shasta.

100_0081.jpg 100_0083.jpg 100_0084.jpg 100_0085.jpg 100_0086.jpg 100_0087.jpg 100_0088.jpg 100_0090.jpg 100_0091.jpg 100_0092.jpg

Upon arrival to the Bay area, we first crossed the Oakland bridge to reach the city of San Francisco. The sloped streets of the city were just as I've seen them on TV and movies.

100_0093.jpg 100_0094.jpg 100_0096.jpg 100_0099.jpg 100_0100.jpg 101_0101.jpg

The presentations

The three of us had a presentation to give, but not all were the same day. Brian's was on Wednesday, and Thana's and mine were on Thursday. We did pretty good in the presentations. My presentation was basically material from my MS thesis. The last picture was taken by Goran on Thursday evening, after we were all done. Pretty group, aren't we?

101_0107.jpg 101_0109.jpg 101_0133.jpg 101_0134.jpg


I ran into several friends that I met in Florida, and had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with many people. I hope I get to see them soon in some other conference...

101_0132.jpg osu1.jpg osu2.jpg 101_0170.jpg 101_0172.jpg 101_0171.jpg


I was a bit disappointed that we had to make this trip as brief as possible. But we managed to squeeze a few hours to walk around San Francisco and take some interesting pictures.

We took the cable car, visited Ghirardelli Plaza, saw Alcatraz Island from afar...

101_0113.jpg 101_0114.jpg 101_0111.jpg 101_0112.jpg 101_0115.jpg 101_0116.jpg 101_0117.jpg 101_0118.jpg 101_0120.jpg 101_0121.jpg 101_0122.jpg 101_0123.jpg 101_0124.jpg 101_0127.jpg 101_0164.jpg 101_0166.jpg 101_0168.jpg

... and last, but not least, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

101_0135.jpg 101_0137.jpg 101_0138.jpg 101_0139.jpg 101_0140.jpg 101_0141.jpg 101_0143.jpg 101_0145.jpg 101_0146.jpg 101_0148.jpg 101_0149.jpg 101_0150.jpg 101_0151.jpg 101_0153.jpg 101_0154.jpg 101_0157.jpg

Our way back

The idea of returning on Highway 101 was to enjoy the sights of California and Oregon coasts. However, it was decided that we should leave in the very early hours of Friday, trying to get to Corvallis as early as possible. We didn't get to see anything of the California coast. By dawn, we were already in Oregon, and took a little detour to visit Brian's parents in Bandon. Even though brief, this visit to the coast provided some extraordinary pictures.

101_0173.jpg 101_0174.jpg 101_0176.jpg 101_0177.jpg 101_0178.jpg 101_0179.jpg 101_0180.jpg 101_0181.jpg 101_0182.jpg 101_0183.jpg 101_0184.jpg

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