MS Graduation BBQ
Apr 10, 2004

This year's BBQ was very special. Three of my dearest friends, Diana, Rina, and Giang, had just finished their MS. Together with me (got mine about a year earlier), we were all four people that started our MS in Chemical Engineering the same year, 2000.

We had, not surprisingly, lots of good food, and played cricket and voleyball. The volleyball gear that we borrowed from Dixon was missing the ropes for one of the poles, though, so Pranav and I had to take turns holding the net tight!

110_1030.jpg 110_1031.jpg 110_1032.jpg 110_1033.jpg 110_1034.jpg 110_1035.jpg 110_1036.jpg 110_1037.jpg 110_1038.jpg 110_1039.jpg 110_1040.jpg 110_1041.jpg 110_1042.jpg 110_1043.jpg 110_1044.jpg 110_1045.jpg 110_1046.jpg 110_1047.jpg 110_1048.jpg 110_1049.jpg 110_1050.jpg

This last picture holds a special meaning for me.  Aren't we the best?  All MS in Chemical Engineering, batch of 2000...


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