2004 Commencement
Jun 13, 2004

The Commencement Ceremony is the official graduation ceremony at Oregon State. It's held every year at the end of spring term. There are actually two ceremonies, one for the graduate students in the morning, and one for the undergraduates in the afternoon. Several of my friends graduated this year.

These pictures are from the graduate ceremony.

114_1432.jpg 114_1433.jpg 114_1434.jpg 114_1435.jpg 114_1436.jpg 114_1437.jpg 114_1439.jpg 114_1440.jpg 114_1442.jpg 114_1443.jpg 114_1444.jpg 114_1445.jpg 114_1446.jpg 114_1447.jpg 114_1448.jpg 114_1449.jpg 114_1450.jpg 114_1451.jpg 114_1452.jpg 114_1453.jpg 114_1454.jpg 114_1455.jpg 114_1456.jpg 114_1457.jpg 114_1458.jpg 114_1459.jpg 114_1460.jpg 114_1462.jpg 114_1463.jpg 114_1464.jpg 114_1465.jpg 114_1466.jpg 114_1467.jpg 114_1468.jpg 114_1469.jpg 114_1470.jpg 114_1471.jpg 114_1472.jpg 114_1473.jpg 114_1474.jpg 114_1475.jpg 114_1476.jpg 114_1477.jpg 114_1478.jpg 114_1479.jpg 114_1480.jpg 114_1481.jpg 114_1483.jpg 114_1484.jpg 114_1485.jpg 114_1486.jpg 114_1487.jpg

The Chemical Engineering Department has its own graduation ceremony, held in the few hours between the official grad and undergrad commencement ceremonies.

114_1488.jpg 114_1489.jpg 114_1490.jpg 114_1491.jpg 114_1492.jpg 114_1493.jpg 114_1494.jpg 114_1495.jpg 114_1496.jpg 114_1497.jpg 114_1498.jpg 114_1499.jpg 114_1500.jpg 115_1501.jpg 115_1502.jpg 115_1503.jpg 115_1504.jpg 115_1505.jpg 115_1506.jpg 115_1507.jpg 115_1508.jpg 115_1509.jpg 115_1510.jpg 115_1511.jpg 115_1512.jpg 115_1513.jpg 115_1514.jpg 115_1515.jpg 115_1516.jpg 115_1517.jpg 115_1518.jpg 115_1519.jpg 115_1520.jpg 115_1521.jpg 115_1522.jpg 115_1523.jpg 115_1524.jpg 115_1525.jpg

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