Trip to Orange County and Lunar Eclipse
Oct 26-28, 2004

Immediately after my PhD Oral Preliminary, I took a few days off to visit my friend Pranav (then working at Orange County, California, in an internship). The main purpose of the trip was to watch the total lunar eclipse on the night of the 27th.

These are some pictures from the plane, on my way to the Golden State (Oct 26).

124_2426.jpg 124_2427.jpg 124_2430.jpg 124_2431.jpg 124_2432.jpg 124_2433.jpg 124_2434.jpg 124_2435.jpg 124_2436.jpg 124_2437.jpg 124_2438.jpg 124_2439.jpg 124_2440.jpg 124_2441.jpg 124_2442.jpg 124_2443.jpg 124_2444.jpg 124_2445.jpg

The morning of the 27th, we went to Disneyland. Our day started with the good omen of a beautiful rainbow. Once in Disneyland, we had to make good use of our time, since it was rather limited. We tried to take all the exciting rides. And, of course, we had to have a picture taken with Mickey Mouse...

124_2446.jpg 124_2447.jpg 124_2448.jpg 124_2449.jpg 124_2450.jpg 124_2451.jpg 124_2452.jpg 124_2453.jpg 124_2454.jpg 124_2455.jpg 124_2456.jpg 124_2458.jpg 124_2459.jpg 124_2460.jpg 124_2461.jpg 124_2462.jpg 124_2463.jpg 124_2464.jpg 124_2466.jpg 124_2467.jpg 124_2468.jpg 124_2469.jpg 124_2470.jpg 124_2471.jpg 124_2472.jpg 124_2473.jpg

During the day, we had cloudy skies. It seemed that we would not get a chance to see the eclipse. Fortunately, on our way back to Pranav's place, the sky cleared up enough for us to see that the eclipse had begun. I didn't carry a tripod with me, but still tried to take a picture during the total phase of the eclipse. This is the best shot, somewhat blurry, but still recognizable...


The next morning (Oct 28), on my way to the airport, I went to the beach (Laguna Beach, if I remember correctly). Some of these pictures were taken from the bus, hence the reflections.

125_2503.jpg 125_2504.jpg 125_2506.jpg 125_2507.jpg 125_2509.jpg 125_2510.jpg 125_2511.jpg 125_2512.jpg 125_2513.jpg 125_2514.jpg 125_2515.jpg

And, finally, I took the plane to get back to Oregon. More interesting pictures from the airplane, closing with a serene sunset...

125_2517.jpg 125_2518.jpg 125_2519.jpg 125_2520.jpg 125_2521.jpg 125_2522.jpg 125_2523.jpg 125_2524.jpg 125_2525.jpg 125_2527.jpg 125_2528.jpg 125_2530.jpg 125_2533.jpg 125_2534.jpg 125_2535.jpg 125_2536.jpg 125_2537.jpg 125_2538.jpg 125_2539.jpg 125_2540.jpg 125_2541.jpg

In all regards, a very memorable trip.

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