Summer School in Winter 2005
Jan 31, 2005

This was the third time I attended Summer School in Winter at University of Florida. Just as the two previous occasions, it was a terrific opportunity for networking with other students in the particle science and technology area, and for attending lectures by top-level researchers.

First, these are some pictures taken from the plane in our way. These are departing from Minneapolis-St. Paul in our way to Florida. Seeing all that snow makes you really glad you're going to a sunny place. Or are you?

131_3120.jpg 131_3121.jpg 131_3122.jpg 131_3124.jpg 131_3127.jpg

Well, it turned out that we had cloudy skies most of the week. In fact, the day we arrived to Florida, it was colder there than here back in Oregon. Unbelievable!

The first activity, on Saturday was the poster presentation.

131_3129.jpg 131_3130.jpg 131_3128.jpg

One of the UF students celebrated his birthday during the week, so we all had the chance to sing "Happy Birthday" and enjoy some cake...

131_3138.jpg 131_3139.jpg 131_3143.jpg

These are some pictures taken around campus.

131_3133.jpg 131_3134.jpg 132_3223.jpg 132_3224.jpg 132_3227.jpg 132_3230.jpg 132_3231.jpg 132_3232.jpg 100_0130.jpg 100_0135.jpg 132_3235.jpg 132_3236.jpg 100_0139.jpg 100_0140.jpg 132_3237.jpg 132_3238.jpg 100_0142.jpg 132_3239.jpg 131_3141.jpg

Of course, there's always time for having some fun...

132_3216.jpg 132_3214.jpg

A little bedtime story...
Once upon a time in the land of gators... an alligator attacked us by surprise... it ate our posters... attacked me... I had to wrestle with it... so Pranav could get our posters back.

132_3240.jpg 132_3242.jpg 100_0143.jpg 132_3243.jpg 132_3244.jpg

The last day, we received our participation diplomas. The group picture below is a composite of the other three pictures. I also took a short video (4.8 Mb AVI) of the group.

132_3245.jpg 132_3246.jpg 132_3247.jpg 132_3248.jpg 132_3246-3248.jpg 132_3249.avi 4.8Mb

And, finally, some more aerial pictures taken in our way back to Oregon.

132_3250.jpg 132_3251.jpg 132_3252.jpg 132_3253.jpg 132_3254.jpg 132_3255.jpg 132_3256.jpg

Thanks to Pranav for sharing some of his pictures.