College of Engineering grad recruitment visit
Feb 19, 2005

This year, College of Engineering invited several graduate applicants for a recruitment visit.  Debbie, Clayton, and I volunteered to help the ChE candidates.  The first day, Feb 18, was devoted primarily to visits on campus.  On the second day, we took a trip to Newport.

We first went to the beach at Yakina Bay Park.

135_3517.jpg 135_3522.jpg 135_3518.jpg 135_3519.jpg 135_3520.jpg 135_3521.jpg

Then, we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  This was a particularly interesting visit.

135_3523.jpg 135_3524.jpg 135_3525.jpg 135_3526.jpg 135_3527.jpg 135_3529.jpg 135_3531.jpg 135_3532.jpg 135_3535.jpg 135_3536.jpg 135_3542.jpg 135_3543.jpg 135_3546.jpg 135_3548.jpg 135_3551.jpg 135_3552.jpg 135_3554.jpg 135_3557.jpg 135_3558.jpg 135_3559.jpg 135_3560.jpg 135_3561.jpg 135_3562.jpg 135_3565.jpg 135_3566.jpg 135_3567.jpg 135_3569.jpg 135_3570.jpg 135_3571.jpg 135_3572.jpg 135_3573.jpg 135_3576.jpg 135_3577.jpg 135_3578.jpg 135_3579.jpg 135_3581.jpg 135_3582.jpg

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