Hiking at Bald Hill
May 22, 2005

Even long before my PhD thesis defense, I had invited my friend Prakash for a hiking trip to Bald Hill.  We finally had the chance to go, and it was a lot of fun!

137_3777.jpg 137_3778.jpg 137_3779.jpg 137_3780.jpg 137_3781.jpg 137_3782.jpg 137_3783.jpg 137_3784.jpg 137_3785.jpg 137_3786.jpg 137_3787.jpg 137_3788.jpg 137_3791.jpg 137_3792.jpg 137_3793.jpg 137_3794.jpg 137_3795.jpg 137_3796.jpg 137_3798.jpg 137_3799.jpg 138_3801.jpg 138_3802.jpg 138_3803.jpg 138_3804.jpg 138_3805.jpg 138_3806.jpg 138_3807.jpg 138_3808.jpg 138_3809.jpg 138_3810.jpg 138_3811.jpg 138_3812.jpg 138_3814.jpg 138_3815.jpg 138_3816.jpg 138_3817.jpg 138_3819.jpg 138_3820.jpg 138_3821.jpg 138_3822.jpg 138_3823.jpg 138_3824.jpg 138_3825.jpg

I this was my last hike through the hills of Corvallis, at least for a very long time.  I'll always remember this trip very fondly.

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