My personal favorite. We all like beaches, forests, archeological sites... but I do love Guanajuato. It is unique in Mexico, with its colonial style, beautifully preserved. If not for the cars in the streets, you'd say you've been transported back in time.

I've visited Guanajuato four times already, and each time has been a trip of discovery and wonder. Last time I was there, I only got to spend a day. But, with my digital camera at hand, I tried to capture some of the awesome sights of this city.

Thanks to J.L.M. for driving us around in the city!

149_4907.jpg 149_4908.jpg 149_4909.jpg 149_4910.jpg 149_4913.jpg 149_4914.jpg 149_4915.jpg 149_4916.jpg 149_4906.jpg
149_4934.jpg 149_4935.jpg 149_4936.jpg 149_4937.jpg 149_4938.jpg 149_4939.jpg 149_4940.jpg 149_4941.jpg
149_4942.jpg 149_4943.jpg 149_4944.jpg 149_4945.jpg 149_4950.jpg 149_4951.jpg 149_4952.jpg 149_4953.jpg 149_4954.jpg 149_4956.jpg 149_4957.jpg 149_4958.jpg 149_4959.jpg 149_4960.jpg 149_4961.jpg 149_4962.jpg 149_4963.jpg 149_4964.jpg 149_4965.jpg 149_4968.jpg 149_4971.jpg 149_4982.jpg 149_4984.jpg
149_4966.jpg 149_4967.jpg
149_4972.jpg 149_4973.jpg 149_4974.jpg 149_4975.jpg 149_4976.jpg 149_4977.jpg 149_4978.jpg 149_4979.jpg 149_4980.jpg 149_4981.jpg