Oregon State University

Beautiful sights around OSU

There is much to see around campus, specially in Fall.  These pictures look great but, believe me, the real sight was even better...

122_2231.jpg 123_2308.jpg 123_2318.jpg 28227.23.jpg 28366.81.jpg 28366.90.jpg dsc00561.jpg dsc00562.jpg dsc00566.jpg dsc00564.jpg 122_2232.jpg 122_2234.jpg

Memorial Union (MU)

The MU is the central building in campus.  It serves multiple purposes, mainly as cultural center of the University.  It is an excellent subject for pictures... (MU website)

20010813c.jpg 20010813e1.jpg 20010813h.jpg 28227.08.jpg 28227.13.jpg 28227.14.jpg 28227.15.jpg 28227.18.jpg dsc00009.jpg 122_2227.jpg

The Valley Library

The Valley Library is another excellent subject for pictures.  With its six floors and 1.4 million volumes, its a very impressive place to be. (Valley Library website)

20010813a.jpg 28366.85.jpg dsc00013.jpg dsc00015.jpg dsc00016.jpg dsc00018.jpg

Other OSU buildings

I don't have an architectural background, but I like to compare the different buildings on campus.  I tried to build a collection with pictures of all the buildings in OSU, but I missed many of them.  OSU is a big place!

28366.16.jpg 20010813n.jpg 28366.76.jpg 28366.77.jpg 28366.11.jpg dsc00559.jpg dsc00019.jpg 115_1543.jpg 28222.22.jpg 118_1878.jpg 118_1881.jpg 122_2222.jpg 122_2223.jpg 122_2225.jpg 122_2233.jpg 122_2237.jpg 122_2244.jpg 122_2248.jpg 122_2252.jpg 122_2254.jpg 122_2257.jpg 122_2258.jpg 122_2265.jpg 122_2274.jpg 122_2281.jpg 122_2282.jpg 122_2283.jpg 122_2286.jpg 122_2288.jpg 122_2289.jpg 122_2291.jpg 122_2295.jpg 122_2298.jpg 122_2299.jpg 123_2302.jpg 123_2307.jpg 123_2319.jpg

Walking down Monroe Street

These are some of the businesses on Monroe Street (West to East), on the North end of campus. Mostly places for eating, in which I spent countless lunch hours with my friends.

122_2261.jpg 122_2259.jpg 122_2260.jpg 122_2262.jpg 122_2263.jpg 122_2264.jpg 122_2266.jpg 122_2267.jpg 122_2269.jpg 122_2268.jpg 122_2270.jpg 122_2272.jpg 122_2273.jpg 122_2275.jpg 122_2276.jpg 122_2277.jpg 122_2278.jpg