This is also a beautiful colonial-style city, much like Guanajuato. It is actually relatively close to Durango, a 4-hour bus ride.

Amazingly, I had only visited Zacatecas once before, and that was just a day. Recently, I took a long weekend off with a friend, and visited a couple of friends of mine that are living in this wonderful city.

The Cathedral

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Bus tour around downtown

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The cableway to Bufa Hill and panoramic views of the city

161_6184.jpg 161_6192.jpg 162_6232.jpg 162_6233.jpg 162_6234.jpg 162_6236.jpg 162_6237.jpg 162_6238.jpg 162_6239.jpg 162_6240.jpg 162_6241.jpg 162_6242.jpg 162_6244.jpg 162_6247.jpg 162_6248.jpg 162_6249.jpg 162_6260.jpg 162_6255.jpg 162_6258.jpg 162_6259.jpg 162_6261.jpg

Other downtown scenes

161_6159.jpg 161_6161.jpg 161_6163.jpg 161_6165.jpg 161_6166.jpg 161_6169.jpg 162_6265.jpg

Guadalupe, Zac


Jerez, Zac

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