Escudo ITD 2007 Chemical Engineering International Symposium
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango

Guidelines for authors

Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts is now CLOSED.

Abstracts to be considered for the program are to be prepared and submitted by email according to the instructions given below and are due . Authors will be notified of acceptance by . Authors with accepted abstracts will be asked to submit a manuscript, due on .


Abstracts must clearly and concisely outline the material being proposed for presentation. Include in your abstract only the information the Committee will need to quickly comprehend the scope of the work, determine its relevance, and assign it to an appropriate section.

Specify the scale of the project (laboratory, pilot, or field). Identify the technology or combination of technologies being studied and the beginning and ending dates of the work. Preference will be given to those abstracts that provide a concise and through summary of the project objectives and results.


Use standard PC-based word-processing software. Abstracts must be in English and cannot exceed one page. Use a 12-point Arial font and leave 1-inch (2.54-cm) margins on all sides. Center the title (maximum 12 words, all-caps, bold type) at the top of the page. Leave a blank line before beginning the author list, which also is to be centered. If several authors are from one organization, save space and make the list easier to read by grouping authors so that the organization need be typed only once. After each author or group of authors, use parentheses to enclose their affiliations/employer (first level only: omit division, department, etc.), city, state and country. Bold and italicize the name of the person who is expected to make the presentation; this is the person to whom all correspondence will be addressed.

In the next line write the section that fits best, according to areas given below. Leave a blank line after the authors and then begin the text, typing it single-spaced justifying both margins and leave one blank line between paragraphs. Name your word file using your last name for easy identification (ex: Martínez-Prado.doc)

Areas for the technical sessions:

Abstract submission

Receipt of the abstract will be acknowledged by e-mail within two business days. Abstracts are to be submitted in an e-mail message addressed to Dra. Adriana Martínez Prado (e-mail address no longer available) attaching your abstract in a word file. Include the following submittal data in the cover sheet (Abstract Submittal Form):

Submit your abstracts to participate taking into consideration the following suggestions:

You are expected to send two different word files: one for the abstract and another for the ASF. Be aware of grammar and formatting since files will not be proofread when edited and will appear as you submit them.

Review procedure

Abstracts received by the specified deadline will be reviewed for technical merit, currency, and relevance to the Symposium. When scheduling accepted abstracts, the Technical Program Committee will consider authors' suggestions as to which session, but the final decision on placement will be based on best overall design of the program.

Notification of Acceptance

By , an email stating the Committee's decision on each abstract will be sent to the corresponding author. If the abstract was accepted, this email will state the session to which the abstract has been assigned.

Accepted abstracts for manuscripts must follow the corresponding formatting guidelines posted in this site.

Extended Manuscript Specifications

The required format of the manuscript is as follows:

Scheduling of Oral Presentations

Each presentation will have 10 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for questions. A video projector and a computer with usual software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) will be available in each presentation room.

Presenting authors are required to check in with the session coordinator at least an hour in advance the day of the presentation in order to load their presentations into the computers and to verify last minute details.

The schedule of presentations is included in the Simposium agenda.


Extended manuscripts of accepted presentations were included in the proceedings CD-ROM, which was handed out to all participants after the Symposium.